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Blue Apron: I’m not having fun.

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Open letter to Blue Apron from a dyslexic guy:

Your instructions look cute and fun… They’re well designed for someone without a learning disability.  To me… they are a confusing mess:

“Blue Apron makes cooking fun and easy.” (For people without learning disabilities)
  • Your “knick knacks” pack is never referenced in the directions.
  • You’re putting pictures of the ingredients that don’t look anything like what you’ve delivered.
  • The instructions require you to flip between two sides of a page (for someone like me that’s difficult and it fucks with my head).
  • I can’t follow directions like:  “gather the produce”.  You give me nothing labeled produce or anything that even matches a picture or what produce is.  I know what produce is but I am concentrated on following the instructions and they just scramble me.
  • The lettering is too small on the pages, you’re compressing too much into a single page.  Why?  Hell add additional directions online if you’re worried about printing costs.
  • Honestly, the pages are overwhelming to me and I shutdown just looking at them.
  • It’s not fun if I don’t have my wife participating. :(

Anyway… thank you, we did enjoy trying the service.  However, when my wife is not helping me navigate your instructions I am left angry and embarrassed.

Further, I can’t find any auxiliary ways to learn or get direction.  You could easily provide links to videos that show the directions without the awful back-to-back vague “recipe”.

I, like many people, learn differently and a lot of people process information differently.  You should help people like me have fun with your product by providing different ways to ingest your information.

So sadly I am canceling… I’ll come back if you guys fix this a bit. Startups are hard! I know! I’ve done a few. I hope you guys can help folks like me and I will become a loyal customer.

PS:  This is exactly why I don’t bake.  Oh and I love to cook.