Opte and LGL 1.2

April 16th, 2013 by Barrett Lyon

It’s been several years since I have released a new “opte” image of the Internet.  I started working on the new images last week and I have run into a number of issues:

A)  LGL (large graph layout) 1.1 is outdated and needs to be fixed.  I’m currently trying to get the code to function in JRE 1.6 (for the viewer application).  I also want to create fixed points on the image for the largest networks, thus allowing me to create full motion animations of the Internet day-by-day.  I’m taking over the LGL project form its creator Alex Adai and we will be releasing LGL 1.2 very soon.

B)  The web site is outdated.  I’d like to replace the web site with a WordPress blog skin that is unique and works well.   In there I will release the entire Opte package with the updated LGL-1.2 release which should give people the ability to create their own images.

C)  I’d like to connect with some educators about the image to see if it’s possible to create some teaching curriculum for children grades k to 12.  I think children are woefully uneducated on how networking works.  Our lives are dependent on the Internet and yet we don’t teach networking basics to children.  It’s very painful for me to watch this generation grow up on trust that devices will just work.   Launching the new image will give me and whomever is interested a nice launching pad for discussions around this topic.

If you’re interested in helping at any level, please contact me.

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