"If you do something three times,
write a script for it."

I began my life as a very dyslexic person. With the support of my parents and early identification of my learning [dis]ability, I was able to gain techniques that helped me function in a world that's typically not built to suit my way of thinking. Then, with the advent of computers, I became lucid, excited, and enabled. From my first Commodore 64 to my current MBP, technology has continually helped me succeed in life.

Today, I consider myself a technology generalist and an idea factory. I have been able to use my technical skills to create digital sketches of my concepts, which act as alpha stage products or become companies. From there, it takes a real great people make the idea become reality. I've been lucky enough to surround myself with such talented individuals that not only make me look good but help me achieve my overall goal... to improve the functionality of the Internet.

I believe the Internet is a life-changing technology for everyone. It has been the driving force behind the lives of thousands of technologists, including myself. However, the Internet is not perfect; the protocols are immature and insecure, and overall the system was not built to do what it is being used for today. Let's face it, the Internet is an amazing experiment, but it needs to change if it is to keep up with society's needs. At this point, my goal is to make change -- to take the Internet in it's current form (resembling digital duct tape) and transform it into something stronger and more scalable. I would love to have an opportunity to do that.